Who is the Prof?

The Professor's true identity has been lost in the oceans of time though he now lives his life as The Prof in a shroud of mystery with only a bevy of beautiful pinup lab assistants to help him while away the hours.

What we do know is that he long since mastered the art of time travel and has a gift for discovering a new family elements all of which have properties ideal for human beautification.  His travels through time have seen him not only meet with the rich and famous but influence them and shape their very future. Occassionaly one of the Prof's diary entries gets sneakily blogged by one of his assistants so you can learn for yourself when and how he discovered each element and which of history's greatest moments have been tweaked by him.

Although mysterious, he can occassionally be found trading his wares across the UK along side his Head Pinup, Madams Pinups.....travels through time allowing of course.

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12819290_1225867017426144_4079993644111209463_o photo Alan A Andrew Photography